The Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens' 7.5 acres offer a wonderful diversity of garden styles and botanical collections. The Gardens feature native plants and plant species from other regions of the world that are adapted to the challenging climate and soils of North Texas. Plants are also selected for their benefits in providing habitat for native wildlife, including butterflies, bugs, and birds.

We have the first public garden in the state of Texas to be certified 100% organic by the Texas Organic Research Center. The gardens are maintained using sustainable methods that conserve water and help to protect the environment.

Ten themed areas include a butterfly habitat, native wildlife pond, scent garden, shade garden and heirloom garden. Be sure to download a map of the gardens before you arrive!

At family events offered throughout the year, children and parents can share the experience of being amazed and inspired by nature's intricate web of life. Gardening workshops and guided tours provide expert advice on using native and adapted plants to create backyard habitats for butterflies, birds and other native wildlife.

Gather friends, neighbors, your Sunday school class, your grandson's preschool group, or your weekly Mom and me group to visit the Gardens. We have guided garden tours for adults, educational programming for school, scout, and other kids groups, as well as public events.

At Texas Discovery Gardens, discover a wealth of information on ways to restore, conserve and preserve natural environments in urban areas.

Texas Discovery Gardens Firsts

  • Public conservatory in the Southwestern United States-1936
  • Botanical/horticultural education programs for schoolchildren in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex-1968
  • Butterfly immersion exhibit in North Texas-1995
  • Certified Organic Public Garden in Texas-2003